Arc Guard TVOC-2

Safety for your most valuable resources

 Every year thousands of people get hurt or even die worldwide in arc accidents and countless money in equipment is destroyed. Most of the built in protection systems aren’t enough to protect the switchboards in older installations.

Why Arc Protection?

Because in just one second, enough power can be generated from an arc flash to blow up switchgear or kill a person. Arc Guard System reduces arc accident to a minimum. This is why ABB TVOC-2 reacts in just a couple of milli-seconds, thereby over-ruling standard protection time delays when tripping breakers.

  • Increased safety to personnel and equipment.

  • Minimizes downtime after arc accident has happened.

  • Able to expand easily with up to 30 sensors to increase cabinet coverage from a single TVOC-2.

  • No calibration needed ensures reliable function and quick installation.

  • Applicable for: cruise ship, oil rig, chemical industry, train, hospital, steel industry, wind power, papermill, substation.


Example of case in Singapore:



Call us to enquire more. The installation of the TVOC in your Panel is simply and inexpensive.

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