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AX contactor range
Control made simple – The performance you need

The AX contactor range offer reliable performance, in a compact and modern design


Technical data
– Rated operational current (le): 9…370 A (400 V AC-3)
– Motor rated operational power: 4…200 kW (400 V AC-3)
– AC control supply
– Width from 44 mm (9 A) to 145 mm (370 A)
– Ambient temperature up to 70 °C.


– Auxiliary contacts front- and side-mounted
– Mechanical and electrical interlocks
– Timers
– Surge suppressors
– Terminal shrouds, enlargements and extensions
– Connection kits
– Thermal and electronic overload relays.

Manual motor starters
– With thermal and magnetic protection
– With magnetic protection only.

Product ID Description
1SBL901074R8010 AX09-30-10 220-230V50HZ/230-240V60
1SBL911074R8010 AX12-30-10 220-230V50HZ/230-240V60
1SBL921074R8010 AX18-30-10 220-230V50HZ/230-240V60
1SBL931074R8010 AX25-30-10-80 220-230V 50Hz/230-240V60Hz
1SBL281074R8010 AX32-30-10 220-230V50/230-240V60
1SBL321074R8010 AX40-30-10 220-230V50/230-240V60
1SBL351074R8011 AX50-30 220-230V50HZ/230-240V60
1SBL371074R8011 AX65-30 220-230V50HZ/230-240V60
1SBL411074R8011 AX80-30 220-230V50HZ/230-240V60
1SFL431074R8011 AX95-30-11 220-230V 50Hz/230
1SFL981074R8011 AX115-30-11 220-230V 50Hz/23
1SFL991074R8011 AX150-30-11 220-230V 50Hz/23
1SFL491074R8011 AX185-30-11 220V-230V50Hz/23
1SFL501074R8011 AX205-30-11 220V-230V50Hz/23
1SFL547074R8011 AX260-30-11-80 220-230V 50Hz/230-240V60Hz
1SFL587074R8011 AX300-30-11-80 220-230V 50Hz/230-240V60Hz
1SFL607074R8011 AX370-30-11-80 220-230V 50Hz/230-240V60Hz
1SAZ211201R2005 TA25DU-0.16M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2009 TA25DU-0.25M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2013 TA25DU-0.4M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2017 TA25DU-0.63M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2021 TA25DU-1.0M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2023 TA25DU-1.4M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2025 TA25DU-1.8M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2028 TA25DU-2.4M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2031 TA25DU-3.1M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2033 TA25DU-4.0M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2035 TA25DU-5.0M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2038 TA25DU-6.5M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2040 TA25DU-8.5M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2043 TA25DU-11M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2045 TA25DU-14M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2047 TA25DU-19M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2051 TA25DU-25M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2053 TA25DU-32M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ311201R2001 TA42DU-25M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ311201R2002 TA42DU-32M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ311201R2003 TA42DU-42M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ321201R2002 TA75DU-32M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ321201R2003 TA75DU-42M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ321201R2004 TA75DU-52M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ321201R2005 TA75DU-63M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ321201R2006 TA75DU-80M Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ331201R1003 TA80DU-42 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ331201R1004 TA80DU-52 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ331201R1005 TA80DU-63 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ331201R1006 TA80DU-80 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ411201R1001 TA110DU-90 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ411201R1002 TA110DU-110 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ421201R1001 TA200DU-90 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ421201R1002 TA200DU-110 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ421201R1003 TA200DU-135 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ421201R1004 TA200DU-150 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ421201R1005 TA200DU-175 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ421201R1006 TA200DU-200 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAX111001R1101 Electronic Overload Relay E16DU 0.32A
1SAX111001R1102 Electronic Overload Relay E16DU 1.0A
1SAX111001R1103 Electronic Overload Relay E16DU 2.7A
1SAX111001R1104 Electronic Overload Relay E16DU 6.3A
1SAX111001R1105 Electronic Overload Relay E16DU 18.9A
1SAX211001R1101 Electronic Overload Relay E45DU 30A
1SAX211001R1102 Electronic Overload Relay E45DU 45A
1SAX311001R1101 Electronic Overload Relay E80DU 80A
1SAX321001R1101 Electronic Overload Relay E140DU 140A
1SBN019010R1010 CA5X-10 CONTACT AUX.
1SBN019010R1001 CA5X-01 CONTACT AUX.
1SBN019020R1011 CAL5X-11 CONTACT AUX.
1SFN019820R1011 Auxiliary Contact Block CAL18X-11
1SFN019820R3311 Auxiliary Contact Block CAL18X-11B
1SFN010820R1011 AUX. CONT. BLOCK#CAL19-11
1SFN010820R3311 AUX. CONT. BLOCK#CAL19-11B
1SBN030110R1000 VE5-1
1SBN030100R1000 VM5-1
1SFN030300R1000 Mech.interlock#VM19









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